"University proceedings. Volga region. Natural sciences” №1, 2014

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Fauna and population of coleoptera (Insecta, Coleoptera) of the natural complex «Ergach» (Perm region)



Influence of phytohormones and sodium selenate on pigment content and productivity of rape plants «Ratnik» kind (Brassica napus)


N.G. Mazei, G.F.Mozhaeva, O.V.Rytikova, Yu.A.Vyal, M.V.Rostovtseva

Rare plant species of local flora in the collection of I. I. Sprygin Penza botanical garden


D. Sh. oglu Ganbarov

Biological features of the species of Astracantha Podlech in Nakhchivan autonomous republic



N.G. Vilkova, A. V. Nushtaeva, L.S. Gorbunova

Effect of electrolyte on aggregation of hydrophobized silica particles and changing of contact angle


M. D. Gol'dfeyn, E. G. Rozantsev

Free radicals and organic paramagnetics


A. V. Nushtaeva

Investigation of thinning of emulsion films stabilized by solid particles via pressure drop technique


D. Yu. Vlasov, S. Yu. Kireev

Methods of determining the amounts of electricity in the course of electrode polarization by pulse currents



P. I. Yakovlev

Determination of underground constituent of river runoff according to hydrochemical data by the example of Upper Volga river in the zone from the source to Staritsy town



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